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Preventive Health Checkups Fortis Hospital Kangra

Specialized Health Checkup Packages

Fortis Urological Check (FUC)

If you have :    Fortis Urological Check (FUC)                 H 3,490/-
• Abdominal Pain              • Burning Micturition       • Frequent Urination
• Nocturnal Micturition   • Poor Urine Flow              • Blood in Urine
• Family History of Prostate Cancer & Stone Diseases  • Scrotal Pain/Swelling

You need to have Urological Check up Fortis Urological checkup is a check for the health of Kidneys & Prostate. This is a preventive health checking traduced for early detection of Kidney diseases. The package includes Blood tests, Urine examination, Measure of the flow of Urine, KFT and Ultrasound (Renal & Prostate). It includes clinical assessments of Urologist & Radiologist with complimentary nutritious  breakfast.

Investigations :  
• Complete Blood Count  • Kidney Function Test (KFT)   • PSA   • Uroflowmetry
• Ultrasound KUB (Kidneys, Urethras, Urinary Bladder & Prostate) • X-Ray (KUB)
Consultations :   • Urology  • Radiology

Fortis Healthy Liver Check   

This package includes all major investigations for Liver such as Blood tests, Hepatitis-B virus, Liver Function Test (LFT), Creatinine, Urea tests, Lipid Profile, TSH & Ultrasound of the abdomen. It also includes clinical assessments of Gastroenterologist, Internal Medicine specialist & Radiologist along with complimentary nutritious breakfast.
Investigations :
• Complete Blood Count (CBC)    • LFT                     • Blood Sugar Fasting
• HBSAG + Anti HCV                  • Serum Creatinine  • Prothrombin Time
• Lipid Profile                                 • TSH                     • HbA1c
• Ultrasound Whole Abdomen

Consultations :   • Hepatology / Gastroenterology
• Internal Medicine   • Radiology

  1. Prior appointment would help us to offer you better services.
  2. Do report at Fortis Hospital, Kangra reception (Ground Floor) between 9.30 am to 10.00 am.
  3. Overnight (10-12 hours) fasting is recommended. Avoid alcohol, Milk / Milk products and non-vegetarian food in dinner, the previous night.
  4. Please do carry all your prescriptions, medicines and reports, if under any treatment.
  5. Hold urine for any abdominal/pelvic ultrasound examination (full bladder needed).
  6. Urine/Stool samples to be given after ultrasound examination is over
    (if mentioned in the package).
  7. Breakfast would be provided at the hospital.
  8. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Sports shoes are recommended in case you are undergoing Treadmill test (TMT).
  9. Do let us know in case you are pregnant, missed your periods, having diabetes or heart diseases.


  1. 20% discount on some investigations as advised  through PHC.
  2. 20% discount on all health check packages repeated within 15 months.
  3. 20% discount for two attendants of our in – patients, valid  up to 1 month post discharge.
  4. 25% discount for all senior citizens, please carry your age proof in order to avail this.
  5. PFT will be done complimentary for women, if clinically indicated.
  6. Preventive Health Check Gift Cards are also available. Please contact the reception for more information.
  7. We also customize Preventive Health Packages for Corporates.

Preventive Health Checkups Fortis Hospital Kangra

Preventive Health Packages

A Comfortable Reassuring Experience

Screening Packages

At Fortis Hospital Kangra, your well being is our foremost concern. Our health checkup plans are specifically designed to diagnose, monitor & prevent potential health problems & help you lead a healthy life. The best way to prevent diseases is to detect them at an early stage, which can be done only through regular health checkups.

Fortis Kangra has specifically designed various health check packages as per the individuals’ needs.

Fortis Wellness Health Check (FWHC): Rs 2,390/-

This package includes all the basic investigations like Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis & Blood Sugar level. Fortis wellness health check is specifically designed to diagnose, monitor & prevent potential health problems related to the functioning of Kidneys & Liver. In addition ECG & X-Ray Chest are also done. The package includes clinical assessments of Internal Medicine specialist & Radiologist along with a complimentary nutritious breakfast followed by comprehensive advice related to your health status during followup visit.

Investigations :

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Blood Group (RH Typing)
  • Blood Sugar Fasting/Random
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation (ESR)
  • Albumin tests (ALB+GOLB+AG Ratio)
  • Serum Creatinine
  • S. Bilirubin
  • Uric Acid
  • Urine Routine
  • X-Ray Chest
  • ECG

Consultations : • Internal Medicine • Radiology

Fortis Comprehensive Health Check (FCHC)

Rs 5,400/- (Male), Rs 5,800/- (Female)

In addition to various components of the above mentioned (FWHC), this Comprehensive Package includes examination of your Thyroid level, Cholesterol level, screening for Cervical cancer in women (Pap Smear), Viral Hepatitis, Electrolytes level, Hepatitis-B & Ultrasound of the Abdomen. Clinical assessments of Gynaecologist (for women) along with Internal Medicine Specialist & Radiologist are included.

Investigations : All Components of Wellness Package +

• Serum Calcium • Alkaline Phosphates • Electrolytes
• Lipid Profile • T3 T4 TSH • HBSAG
• Pap Smear (Women) • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen

Consultations : • Internal Medicine • Radiology • Gynaecology

Fortis Whole Body Premium (FWBP):

Rs 12,800/- (Male) & Rs 14,800/- (Female)

This package includes all the components of (FCHC) along with TMT (Cardiac Stress Analysis), ECHO, X-Ray both Knees, Examination for Hepatitis-C and CRP (Elevated CRP levels in blood may indicate an increase risk for heart stroke). In addition, the package also includes screening for Breast cancer in women (Mammography) & PSA for men. Clinical assessments of Cardiologist, Internal Medicine specialist,
Urologist, Gynaecologist (for women), Radiologist & Gastroenterologist
are included.

Investigations : All components of Comprehensive Health Package+
• Cardiac Stress Analysis (TMT) • CRP
• PSA (Men) • HbA1c
• Mammography (Women) >40 years
• X-Ray Both Knees (AP/Lateral/Skyline View)

Consultations :
• Cardiology • Internal Medicine
• Urology • Gynaecology
• Dental • Orthopedics
• Gastroenterology • Radiology

Get yourself vaccinated
Many vaccines are now available for prevention
of diseases in adults also. Do ask your doctor
regarding the vaccines indicated for you.

Fortis Cardiac Master Check (FCMC) Rs 5,460/-

This package is ideally suited for patients with suspected coronary artery diseases. Patients with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol level have a very high probability of developing blockage of the arteries supplying blood to the heart. The package includes the basic Blood tests, Cholesterol level tests, ECHO, TMT, PFT, ECG & X-Ray Chest including consultations with Cardiologist & Radiologist along with a complimentary nutritious breakfast.

Investigations :
• HB • Blood Sugar Fasting • Blood Urea Nitrogen • CRP • Serum Creatinine
• Lipid Profile • ECG • ECHO • TMT • PFT • X-Ray Chest
Consultations : • Cardiology • Radiology

Fortis Well Women Check (FWWC) H 4,900/- & H 3,860/-

If you are a woman & above 40, then you need to go for this checkup. This health checkup not only assess your present health status, but also screen you for any risk factor, thus help you to take necessary steps in prevention or early detection of any major illness. The package includes Blood tests, Urine examinations, Thyroid tests, X-Ray Chest & test for the detection of Cervical cancer & Breast cancer. It also includes physical examination including breast & gynae check by a Gynaecologist & Radiologist with a complimentary nutritious breakfast.

Investigations :
CBC (Hemogram) • Urine Routine • Ultrasound Pelvis
• Blood Sugar (Random) • RTP • X-Ray Chest
• Pap Smear • Breast USG < 40 years • Mammography > 40 years

Consultations : • Gynaecology • Radiology

Fortis Ortho Check (FOC) Rs 1,570/-

If you have : • Pain in the joints • Difficulty in Smooth Walking
• Suffering from Spinal or Cervical Pain • Pain in Knees
You need to have Ortho Check up
Fortis Ortho check package focuses on identifying specific issues which causes pain in Joints & Knees. It includes your Complete Blood Count test, Uric test, X-Ray both Knees. Consultations with Orthopedics & Radiologist along with a complimentary nutritious breakfast.

Investigations : • Complete Blood Count (CBC) • Uric Acid • ESR
• RA factor • X-Ray both Knees AP & lateral (Screening)

Consultations : • Orthopedics • Radiology