Emergency & Critical Care

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The Fortis Emergency & Trauma Care is manned by ACLS Certified post graduates, is capable of handling all type of emergencies. The Centre has Cardiovascular Life Support Ambulances equipped with essential life support system and is manned by trained doctors and nurses round the clock. This ensures that care starts even before the patient reaches the hospital, hence, improving the chances of survival. The world class trauma facility is operational 24×7. International standards and laid down protocols are followed in the Fortis Hospital Emergency Unit.

The Department of Emergency & Trauma Care provides comprehensive emergency medical services on 365x24x7. As medical emergency can occur to any one at any time, the quality of care provided in the first few hours is instrumental in saving lives and determining the progress of the victims. The department has modular ambulances equipped with ventilators, monitors, oxygen, life-saving drugs, doctors and trained paramedics capable to handle any emergency. Accident victims are picked up by our Special Intensive Care Ambulances. Resuscitation measures start the moment a patient is picked up. Capitol Hospital being a Super Speciality Hospital makes it fully equipped to give support for any emergency patient (not just accident victims) and treats the emergency patients efficiently with utmost care.

Our Emergency Services are made more effective by our quick responding Ambulance service which are available for a patient pickup round the clock.

Services available at the Emergency Department

A Triage Room:

When a large number of patients are admitted at the same time, patients with medical priorities are given the first preference.

Resuscitation Room:

Patients facing life-threatening problems are stabilized in this area by a team of specialist doctors. Resuscitation room is facilitated with monitors, defibrillators and ventilators.

Back-up Support:

The emergency department of the hospital is backed by a 24 hour blood bank, biochemistry labs, diagnostics imaging facilities and emergency operation theaters.

Specialist Doctors:

We have a team of critical care doctors available round-the-clock to treat all types of emergencies.


Critical Care

The Critical Care Department offers 24×7 care to patients in potentially life-threatening conditions requiring life support system and other intensive medical interventions. The patients with dysfunction or failure of one or more organ systems, like cardiac, pulmonary, neurology, liver and kidney, amongst others are admitted to a Critical Care Unit (CCU). Our experienced multidisciplinary team provides state-of-the-art patient care with promptness and compassion. The team comprises of trained, efficient and skilled staff in critical care medicine.